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Virtual Private Network is a service that builds a private network with a public network to provide its users the online protection and confidentiality that they need. It basically covers your IP address so that tracing your online activities will become practically impossible. While using an unsecure connection, you become vulnerable to online hackers who might get your sensitive information with the help of the IP address you are using. They might get your information like your location, access your email account, see your chats, and much more. To remain protected, it becomes vital for every individual to protect their private information that is available online from being accessed by any intruder. Among various providers, Norton Secure VPN service is highly asked for. This service helps the users to enjoy the tension-free online experience by securing your private information such as your passwords, bank details, credit card number, etc. while using a public connection. 

Norton Secure VPN Characteristics


➥ Bank-Grade Encryption

Norton Secure VPN offers bank-grade security encryption that ensures complete protection of your data on all your devices like PC, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. It helps you to surf the internet even on a public WiFi network or on an unsecured network without working about your personal data. 

➥ Ads Blocking

Getting tracking ads while surfing the internet might increase the risk of getting tracked online. Hence, Norton account provides you the required protection from advertising companies by blocking these tracking ads.

➥ Online Freedom

Another characteristic that Norton Secure VPN poses is that it offers online freedom to its users. It lets you surf the internet, access your favorite website, various videos, apps, or anything that you want, even when you are traveling or using public networks. 

Get Deep Knowledge About The Service

To provide a deep insight into the product, we are giving you some additional information. This will help you to know this product better. 

➥ Access The Norton Secure VPN Service: 

The Norton Secure VPN comes with Norton 360. On purchasing the product you will get this service at no additional cost. However, you can also purchase separately via the official website of Norton. This service is available for up to 10 devices and can be purchased both on a yearly basis or monthly basis. 

➥ Turn On the Service:

For getting all the benefits, you have to turn the Secure VPN on. To turn it on, you have to-

➥ If purchased Norton 360

Open the Norton application and sign in to your associated account. In the main interface of your account, look for the “Secure VPN” option. Besides this, click the inverted triangle to get the drop-down menu. From the list, select “Turn on”.

➥ When purchased the Service on its own

In such a scenario, you don’t need to turn it on as it is already. However, if you want to then you have to tap the Secure VPN option which is located on the system tray. After that, select the turn on the option available near VPN.

This is a complete guide on Norton Secure VPN. Here, you will find all the information that you need to know about this service.  


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