is a utility package that helps in improving the operation of your device. Using this software, you are able to analyze, resize, optimize, and maintain your own computer. Along with the subscription, then you'll get access to ultimate characteristics that are perfect for enhancing your experience. Following are the characteristics you will get.

It will fix all of the problems that slow down your PC and maximize your PC's processing power. This will help in raising the average lifespan of your PC.

Frees Space Space

Norton Utilities removes the undesirable startup apps, cleans up the hard drive, removes unused software, etc. . up space.

It will dispose of all your personal documents in order to safeguard them from unauthorized access. This may also divert your browser file downloads for maintaining privacy.

User-Friendly Interface was created with an simple to use interface. It is possible to perform 1-click optimization for your device.

For obtaining these attributes, you first must download and install the application on your device. As an example, follow the procedure given below.

Before you start with the downloading process, you first must purchase the Norton Utility subscription from the official site of Norton. After buying, download the application by obeying the given procedure.

  1. Primarily, open a internet browser in your own apparatus.
  2. Subsequently, you have to enter “” from the address bar on your browser.
  3. This can begin the download procedure.
  4. Download may take a couple of minutes to get finished. Hence, wait patiently before the method gets completed.


  1. Firstly, double click the downloaded setup file of You will see this file in the Downloads folder. For granting permission, click the"Run" buttonagain. This is to allow the application to produce the desired changes on your own apparatus. Permit the program by clicking on the"Yes" tab.
  2. Then, you'll find a License Agreement window. For accessing the file, you have to click the link provided there. After that, browse the whole file carefully. As soon as you're finished with studying, you have to take the stipulations of Norton by simply clicking the"I Agree" tab.

In this window, you can also alter the installation area. Further, just click on the"Browse" option and pick the desired position. After making the changes, click on the"Ok" button.

  1. This way this the installation process will begin to begin. Wait to the effective end of this Procedure.
  2. Now, you'll get a installment completion message display. Within this window, exploit on the"End" alternative and come from the installation wizard.

After the completion of this installation process, you will automatically get the activation window. In case, it did not seem, you have to double click the program icon from the desktop computer.

Just after activation, you'll be able to enjoy the full characteristics of this For activation, follow the procedure given below.

  1. In the activation window, you must enter your name, email address, along with activation code within their respective fields. This activation code will be available from the purchase confirmation email.
  2. After entering all of the facts, tap the"Publish Now" button. se



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